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It is a safe and effective means of visually examining the full lining of the colon and rectum, using a long, flexible, fiber optic camera. It is used to diagnose colon and rectal problems, to perform biopsies and to remove colon polyps. Most colonoscopies are done on an outpatient basis with minimal inconvenience and discomfort. Your physician may recommend a colonoscopy if you had a change in bowel habit or bleeding, indicating a possible problem in the colon or rectum.

A colonoscopy is also necessary to:

  • Check unexplained abdominal symptoms.
  • Check inflammatory bowel disease (colitis)
  • Verify findings of polyps or tumors located with a barium enema exam.
  • Examine patients who test positive for blood in the stool
  • Monitor patients with a past history of colon polyps or cancer.